that define our Work

Freedom Accounting ServicesOUR VALUES

Our values are the foundation of Freedom Accounting. Through years of experience, we have learned that businesses need to trust their accountants and receive a consistent level of support with every interaction. Each day we work together with these values in mind. No matter which team member you are working most closely with, you will see these values reflected in all the services we provide.


In any collaborative endeavor, success is dependent upon good communication. We’ve always recognized this fact, and it’s something we focus on when working together as a team and with our clients. We respond promptly and keep conversations on point. Not only that, but we encourage our team to be creative and to be proactive with client communication—a willingness to present issues and ideas without reservations, so that the best in our people and our clients can shine through.


Fundamentally, this may be the most important of our values. In many ways our other values stem from a healthy respect for our clients and ourselves. We recognize that our team members are all valuable contributors to what we do and how we serve our clients, and we have respect for the various strengths each person brings to the table. We understand that the people who start a business, run a business, and grow a business deserve our respect. It doesn’t matter if you are well established or just starting out in, we will consistently demonstrate a deep respect for you and all that you do.


We are confident in what we do because we act with integrity. We know we’re not perfect, but we are consistently professional in our approach. That means we do the best we can for our clients and each other, always. We take pride in the job we do, and we have peace of mind, because acting with integrity makes it easy to stand behind our work, stand up for our clients, and support one another.


Providing professional services is all about supporting one another. After all, it’s why our clients come to us, and it’s what they need from us. But support also extends to the way we work. We are a team, and we work together to support one another which, in turn, allows us to provide the best service possible. Ultimately, the collective talents of our group are utilized every day to support our mission.


A simple concept, but one with tremendous importance; we bring positivity to the job every single day. Positivity is infectious and creates a healthy work environment. A healthy work environment puts our team in the best position to exercise our other values while positively influencing the results we deliver for our clients and their success.